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Take our Basic and Advanced PHP Course. Thank You., please do register there for free
We will definitely inform you for ruby. We are looking for 4 more students to kick off our Live class on RoR.
Thank You.
Thanks Jitendra.. Our team will contact you shortly.
Hey Neal,
Thanks for the interest. Right now we are not shipping it to US.
However you can find the entire course here for free.
Super 10 Batch has been already past 20 classes and I suggest you to join on our new course which starts from soon on HTML and PHP. You will be receiving the updates regarding the same over Email.
Thank You for your interest.
Hello Shyam,
Thanks for the feedback and I would like to say that the initial videos were real bad and I suggest you visit Products to get all videos in a nice DVD.
You can also go to Super 10 for better videos if you do not want the videos in a DVD.
Will do that. But I need some serious commitment. Watch for my email. Thank You for contacting.
Great Ajay, I would love to have a chat with you. Let us connect. If you are in Banaglore, we can meet tomorrow. Please do send me your details to with Subject Tutor.
Thank You.
Hi Prabakaran, I have seen you delivering tutorials and.since we fall in the same group, I thought we can collaborate. Please leave us your phone number at if you are interested in teaching.
Send in your CV to including your skype id. Will talk there.
Lyakhath, you can email me to or we will call you on the number you provided at 7:00 PM Today Indian Time.
Hey Pavani, The reason why it says is that You have been already enrolled in the course and you are trying again. You can check the same here Being Freelancer. Now you have enrolled we will email you with updates of the class.
That was a bug and fixed now. Every day the class start at 5 PM and Ends at 6:30 PM Indian Time. See You tomorrow the same time.
Hello Anil, I have fixed the error. Please try to re-register again. Ignore the old registration( if any happened ). Thanks for the timely reminder.
Hello Maruthi, I am working on the new course structure and timing and Will let you know as soon as I fix on that. It does not take more than a week. For fee details please visit Pricing. I will talk about payment once you see a demo.
Hello Madhu, I am working on the new course structure and timing and Will let you know as soon as I fix on that. For fee details please visit Pricing.
You can actually download them from the class pages. You can find all the class pages at Videos. Click on any link to go to that class and watch videos and download class files. Happy Learning. Any other questions will be answered in Live Class which starts at 09:30 PM India Time every weekday.
Hello Anees, You will find an answer in part Iv of this videos series at one of our past classes include include_once require require_once.
To answer it in short, the real difference between require and include comes when the file included is not found. PHP parser will continue execution when include is used and stops execution when require is used in the above case.
Hello Pawan,
Good to see that you have an interest in learning Web Development. We will start a new batch very soon. Meanwhile, attend the current classes, which has no connection to the previous classes. You can pick it up fast.
Hi Suneel,
It has been fixed now. Please register to enjoy the classes of Tutoslive. Happy Learning.
At Tutoslive we do not believe in certifications. Instead we will provide you an opportunity to showcase your work by giving a domain name on your choice and your code resides there. If needed, we help you in creating code repositories.