Magento vs Shopify A detailed study for Sellers
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Magento vs Shopify A detailed study for Sellers

Most of the people who are shy of exploring think shopify is the perfect fit for them and Magento is a complex solution. Here we present a detailed study of Shopify vs Magento and educate you on both of them. We are not against shopify but we love Magento. We are just compairing a Software As Service model and an Installed model.

Ease of Use:

Since Magento is downloadable product and Shopify is a hosting cart, many people prefer shopify like it is similar to signing up for Facebook. For Magento, you need to Download, Extract and Set up database. Shopify does this if you pay them a registration fee. For the same registration fee and if you know how to download softwares and install, you cann host your store for yourself. An owner not a tenant of your store. It's like buying a house vs renting one.

Winner: Shopify


Being a hosted solution , you gotta take what shopify gives you. Customizations may be possible in shopify but comes at a price and limited. Come to Magento and you can do whatever you like. Since it is a code-base and all you gotta do to customize is open a text-editor and customize the solutions you would like to. Moreover, in the long run, business needs a lot of customization and we vote Magento.

Winner: Magento


Both these eCommerce platforms are flexible in pricing. Shopify comes up with fours packages and the least one ('Starter') is priced at $14 and has a free 14-day trial period.

Magento's classification if of types and each type has a package. Magento Go (Shopify Version) has 5 Packages for small businesses and the least one ('Get Going') is priced at $15 and they have trail package with less features. Magento EE edition is the most powerful eCommerce platform and priced in the same way too. The last one is Magento Open Source or Community Edition which is absolutely Free to use and this is what we are talking about.

Winner: Magento


Magento is built for scalability and can manage any huge loads of data and traffic. Wherein, being a hosted solution, shopify is used for milder traffic and data. Scalability is a factor for a growing number of online users and everybody wants their business to grow and so you should consider scalability.

Winner: Magento

Product Features:

As discussed in customization, using Magento, you can add n number of features to your product and you can keep on deleting if not required. This ease of adding product features stands a plus for Magento. Wherein shopify, you have to depend on third party guys to add any new feature to your products.

Winner: Magento

Payment Processing:

Shopify has a variety of payment gateways from paypal to braintree. But the process will let you give a commission to shopify on every transaction the customer makes. For the same process, shopify has a multi page checkout which is a big Minus. Come to Magento, you have got the payment gateway integration, with a single page checkout and you need not pay any comission to anyone. Of course the payment gateways take their comission for both of them.

Winner: Magento

Seller Dashboard:

Magento's dashboard has everything a seller or owner needs to see the stats and activity on his store. It gives powerful quick overview feature to see searched items, best sellers, most viewed products, sales etc. Shopify has a simple dashboard with a very less stats and data.

Winner: Magento


In an overall, Magento looks like a clear winner, but however, every software has its own pros and cons and Magento still have some cons. However, the concentration should be on scaling, security, making money and adding features. The only con we see here in Magento is the setup.

Winner: Magento

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