Offline versus Online Learning : A Case Study
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Offline versus Online Learning : A Case Study

Offline classroom training is present from generations and it is still the leading mode of teaching and learning across the world. But when internet has become more and more portable(smart phones) and more and more popular(using it), education has taken a new turn. Here we give an analysis of which one is better over the other.

#1 Fee:

Classroom training is expensive

Classroom training was or is always an expensive affair. In today's world, a fair and good education has become a luxury and it is really hard for lower class and medium class people to have a better education without big bags of money.

Online learning these days is either cheap or free and can be easily afforded by all classes of people. All you need to pay for is a computer and internet connection, which however now everyone has to facebook and google.

#2 Travel:

You have to travel for classroom training

You should travel to learn in a classroom. If you are in a city and want to get the learning from the best school or training organisation, you need to travel in traffic and sometimes you jave to travel across horizons. After all travelling, you need to gather your wits and concentration to learn in the class.

Online learning is learning at your comfort, it is like bringing education to home. You does not need to travel anywhere.


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