Basic and Intermediate PHP Course : Who can take? Why to take? What can you do with the course?
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Basic and Intermediate PHP Course : Who can take? Why to take? What can you do with the course?

Greetings From Tutoslive,


Are you a blogger who wants to create your own theme? Tired of buying themes or downloading Free crappy themes? Like a theme of your competitor and want to do it on your post?


You have to read this.


Are you a Job Seeker in WordPress? Do you want to create themes and attend interviews well? Do you want to learn something which can get you a fair chance of landing in a job you like?


You have to read this.


Are you a designer using HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver? Do you know how to use Bootstrap? Do you want to make your designs dynamic and useful? Stuck at HTML and CSS only?


You have to read this.

What does the Course offer you?

We have designed the course in a way that there will not be any wastage of time in learning and hence we planned the course for 10 days, 45 minutes each day. Also the course have a project which runs for another 6 days , 3 hours each day. Downloadable videos, course material, class files, tough assignments is a plus.

  1. You will be learning the basics of PHP, how to start with, how does the web architecture work for you. 
  2. The course also deals with the key ingredients required to develop a dynamic website using an existing HTML+CSS template. 
  3. The course can also make you convert the same template into a WordPress theme which you can sell it on themeforest, envato or any other market place.
  4. More details of the course plan and structure is available at

Who can take this course?

  1. Daily bloggers with a creative touch.
  2. Job Seekers in CMS domain or PHP domain
  3. Designers with HTML and Dreamweaver skills.
  4. People who stay at home and want to create their own web business.
  5. Entrepreneurs who want to learn and do by themselves.

Payment and Registering Information:

The course is priced at a very minimum 4000 Indian Rupees. We have made the payment into 2 installments for your convenience. The first installment of 1500 Indian Rupees should be made 2 days after the course starts and the next installment of 2500 Indian Rupees should be made 3 days before the course ends.

You can register for the course at Do select the course as Basic and mid-level PHP.  

One of our person will call you to help you for a safer and easier registration for the course once you register for the course. 

More Information is available at


If you still have questions, pick up your phone and dial 8105416760 now.


If you feel to email us, shoot an email to

We are here to help you 24X7 on any issue you may face.


Thank You.

Yours Tutoslive

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Posted on October 29, 2014 01:53 PM by Tutoslive

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