The Story of an e-store Manager in India
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The Story of an e-store Manager in India

Raghu (Not a real name) runs a profitable shoe company at the outskirts of Bangalore and I know him from a quite long time as friend. Right from flipflops, socks to high end shoes he sells everything that you wear on your foot. Employed 3 workers who never get a minute break, he is indeed doing a very good business.

One day he decided to go online looking at other e-commerce stores. He was very much confident that he can get the deal done online too. And maintainig online store do not need a physical location. All he need is a warehouse where he can ship the stuff out, which he already has for his local business.

To go online, more than anything, he knew he need a website and decided to hire a rockstar e-commerce developer. Rockstar said hell lot of things to Raghu. He told that he makes a website easy to maintain, anyone can maintain and on top of all he says he can clone a flipkart so that he can do anything with it. Impressed by it, Raghu gave him 5 figure advance.

The website took 45 days to be in an intial shape where Raghu can actually see a prototype of it. After so many calls, visits, finally the website went live with few bugs. Rockstar uploaded all the content for Raghu, set up analytics,gave access to dashboard etc. Raghu, though unhappy with time, impressed and happy as his website is finally live.

Based on his early contacts and customers Raghu could manage to pull off the first month really well and then it all started to become clumsy. Now Raghu got a new shipment, new models and new prices. What to say, being a non-techie Raghu approached Rockstar again and this time Rockstar is BUSY.

Rockstar says tomorrow, Monday, in 2 Hours, Next week for sure just to take an appointment. God knows when he can actually upload. Of course Raghu has a support agreement but, what can he do with an agreement? Raghu simply waits. Raghu is in now dilemma, should I go with old models that are on website with old prices or should I just stop doing online business.

This is what I hear from a lot of e-commerce store owners in Bangalore. They have goods, they have skills to network, they have customers, they have workforce, they have delivery, what they lack is a simple knowledge of maintaining their store.

Here comes tutoslive, teaching Magento Development so that you can now not depend on any Rockstar to upgrade, update, up-sell your products online.

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Why You should take this course?

  1. Not to depend on any developer to do minor changes.
  2. You can stop selling on third party stores and build your own online store.
  3. Upload latest images of your products, upgrade prices and give discounts without anybody's help
  4. Priced at 10% of the development fee you give to a developer.
  5. Learn at your own pace and in a live class to interact with the trainer.
  6. Email support to answer any queries that pop up from your brain.
  7. We do not teach you, we educate you on e-commerce development.

Magento Development is a Live Class that happens at 2 convenient timings. Runs over a span of 15 days. Priced at 7000/- per person.

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