FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

All classes are live. That means a tutor logs in from his/her computer and student from his/her computer and both can interacte with each other.
No problem at all. All live classes are recorded and all recorded classes are shared with the students based on the plan they choose.
Audio only classes - 256 kbps @ each attendee end (512 kbps recommended)
Audio & Video classes - 512 kbps @ each attendee end (1 Mbps recommended)
Yes. Every student gets a course completion certificate which is valid in all companies. Apart from completion certifcate, every student will have a student card with points system and our feedback. The student card will also have the project you have done. For sample student card, click on Example
Our main intention in giving affordable education and assignments and projects is to make you hirable. Once the course is done and if we feel like you are good, no one can stop you from getting a Job.
Our team will work with you until you get a job, provided you attend all classes and finish all assignments and complete a project.
Absolutely yes. You can pay only for the recordings and still can access class files, assignments and reference notes if any. You will also be elligible to attend a paid project. However, attending live classes can help you with more learning.
Tutoslive is a learning machine. Live Classes, Recordings, Class files, Material Assignments, Live Chat to clear doubts, Email support, Mock Interviews and social education are some of the features we offer the students. We also have point system to increase your interest levels.
There can be a maximum of 10 students in each live class. But more than 100 take the recorded version of the class.
Local institutes charge a lot, and you have to travel all the way to the institute, if you miss a class you miss it forever. No assignments or projects to make you learn more. Also we have a lot and lot of features that will make your learning more interactive and more fune.
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