Why Points?

At Tutoslive, we award points to students who do exceptionally well in learning. The points can be used for the following things.

  • The More the Points, the Better the chance to land on a Job.
  • Once a Student reaches 1000 Points, 1000 Indian Rupees will be awarded.
  • Students with better points can fetch more paid projects as their credibility increases with points.
  • All student profiles with less than 150 Points will be deleted unconditionally.

How do you get points?

Every action of yours in the learning will get you points.

  • 20 Points if you register with us.
  • 20 Points if you have a meaningful profile picture.
  • 5 Points if you fill your facebook information.
  • 5 Points if you fill your twitter information.
  • 15 Points if you fill your Linkedin information
  • 5 Points if you fill your address.
  • 20 Points for every live class you attend.
  • 10 Points for every assignment you submit.
  • 5-15 Points grading for every assignment you submit.
  • 900 Points on course completion.
  • 300 Points on Assignment submissions.

How Referral System Works?

Every Student at Tutoslive will be given a Referral Code and URL. To know your referral URL visit Your Account.

  • When you a refer a friend and he/she takes the course, you get 30 points
  • When you join the course with a referral code referred by a student at tutoslive, you get 20 points
  • Old students who took a Live Course or who has more than 1000 points will get flat 20% Off.